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David Braslau Associates, Inc.   Established in 1971  -  Over 40 Years of Experience          

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An important concern in architecture is the appropriate acoustical environment for sound enhancement or sound isolation.  David Braslau Associates works closely with clients to develop cost effective designs.

    Room and Space Design

  • Halls and auditoria
  • Places of worship
  • Multiple use spaces
  • Meeting rooms and office space



    Design for Sound Control

  • Isolation of sound in multifamily dwellings
  • Isolation of sound in commercial and office buildings
  • Building design to abate exterior noise
  • Evaluation of wall, floor and window systems
  • Impact and vibration isolation


     Preliminary Sound System Design

  • Speaker system requirements
  • Speaker system specifications
  • Sound masking requirements



    Research and Development

  • Measurement methods in acoustics
  • Computer methods and software development
  • Acoustical characterization of materials
  • Sound transmission studies
  • Wave propagation phenomena



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