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David Braslau Associates, Inc.   Established in 1971  -  Over 40 Years of Experience          

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David Braslau Associates expertise in geophysics provides an additional benefit in solving these difficult problems, which commonly involve both airborne and earthborne acoustical energy.


      Industrial Vibration Control

  • Siting and placement of machinery
  • Vibration isolation on-site
  • Vibration control off-site


    Transportation-related Vibration

  • Vibration measurements
  • Modeling and prediction
  • Mitigative design and control



    Quarry, Mine and Excavation Blasting

  • Ground motion prediction and measurement
  • Blast design for damage control
  • Air blast prediction and abatement



     Small Arms and Firing Ranges

  • Noise prediction and measurement
  • Small arms noise control
  • Small arms range design



     Shock Wave Studies

  • Blast wave phenomena
  • High-pressure waves in solids
  • High-velocity impact phenomena


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